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Marcus Testory


Marcus Testory

Born 05.05.67 in Vienna, Austria
1,81 m high, 80-82 kg
Eyes and hair dark brown
perfect english and french
mothertongue german (viennese)

Swordfight, Horse ride, Shaolin Kung-Fu basics, voice over, grad. european Paramedic

Performer, Singer and Guitarist

Member of the german theater and event company "Stilbruch"
Coached by Julian König (Dramatische Bühne Frankfurt, Kammerspiele Mainz)

Featured on Highlander Series V - episodes 99 and 100 as Caspian - the horseman of the apocalypse

96/97 Highlander the Series:
"Comes a Horseman" (Gerald Hameline)
"Revelation 6:8" (Adrian Paul)

98 Nightworld:
"The CyberStalking" (Brian Grant)

"webcam" (Thomas Wolff)


A Wedding Anniversary:

89 "A.W.A." charted France (20) and Swizerland (1)
90 "Asylum"
93 "The Age of Lies"
97 "Best of Vol. 1"


96 "Fragments of a Forgotten Faith"
97 "Mother Earth Love Truth" featuring 3 Songs composed for Highlander episode 105
98 "Alpha et Omega" limited edition EP

Kaspar Hauser Komplex:

98 "K-H-Komplex"

L'Orchestra De Chambre Noir

2000 "Pleasure and Pain"

aka "Chamber":

2002 "L'Orchestra De Chambre Noir"

2003 "Ghost Stories and Fairy Tales"

2004 "Miles Away" - cd single

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Marcus Testory


Chamber offical site
(in German )

The Marcus Testory Appreciation Society
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